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Orbital Motor MS (4 Bolt) 315CC

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Orbital Motor MS (4 Bolt) 315CC


Orbital motors offer compact construction and simple mounting. High torque and shaft load, because of shorter distance from mounting flange to the point of load application. The drain makes it possible to use several notors in series without any problems. The drain also makes these motors more suitable for use in a closed hydraulic system.

  • Displacement: 314.5cm³/rev


  • Max Working Pressure:
  • P1: 120 bar
  • P2: 140 bar
  • P3: 185 bar


  • Max Speed: 240 rpm
  • Torque: 56.0 daNm


  • Dimensions:
  • L: 213mm
  • L1: 62mm
  • L2: 169.2mm

430.00 plus VAT

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