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Power Take Off Units (PTO's)

We offer an extensive range of OMFB PTO 's to suit gearboxes such as Scania, Volvo, Renault, Isuzu, ZF, Mercedes, Isuzu and Mitsubishi. Our PTO 's are interchangeable with brands such as Aber, Binotto, Hydrocar, PZB etc.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Our gear pumps include versions for medium, high and very high pressure (up to 320 bar), in arious configurations (DIN,UNI, ISO, SAE) and displacement sizes (from 6 to 150 cc). Tandem installations are also possible.

Bent Axis Piston Pumps

Fixed-displacement Axial Piston Pumps, Load Sensing Pumps and Slanted Axis Pumps, in various configurations (UNI, ISO, SAE), for displacement sizes from 21 to 130 cc and pressures up to 400 bars.

Quill Shafts

Quill Shafts to suit a wide range of gearboxes including Iveco, Mercedes, Scania, ZF and many more .

Hydraulic Oil Tanks

A complete range of Oil Tanks that can be installed on the side, behind the cab or internally on the subframe. Available in Steel and Aluminium.

Tiping Cylinders

Front and Underbody Tipping Cylinders. Sales agents for Dinatale, Edbro and Hyva. Seal kits stocked for the most popular Binotto, Dinatale, Edbro and Hyva Cylinders.

Tipping Valves

Our Tipping Valves are available with Mechanic, Pneumatic or Electric controls, suitable for applications from 3500 kg upwards. Edbro and Hyva Tipping Valves also available.

Hydraulic Lever Operated Control Valves

Hydraulic Controlled Bank Valves available in various configurations and port sizes to operate Plant Machinery, Winches, Skip Loaders, Hook Loaders etc

Inline Valves

Large selection of Inline Valves including Check Valves, Diverter Valves, Flow Control Valves, Overcentre Valves and Relief Valves etc.

Hydraulic Kits Ireland

Hydraulic Kits

Hydraulic Kits supplied to suit a wide range of applications including Tipping Trailers, Walking Floor, Milk Tankers etc.

Power Packs

12/24V Single and Double Acting Power Packs to suit a wide range of applications. Spare parts including Motors, Solenoids, Oil Tanks available ex stock.

Hand Pumps

Double Acting Hand Pumps, 12-25-45, cc with or without Tank, to operate Single Acting Cylinders. Available with Relief Valve and Spring Return.

Cab Switches

Air proportional cab switches with full integrated lever to control both PTO engagement and tip /lowering. Several versions available to meet any requirements.

Power Take Off (PTO) Cables

Power Take Off (PTO) Cables available in 1.5m to 4m Lengths. Both Red and Blue versions available

Body Components

Thousands of Body Components available ex-stock including Body Ironwork, Drop Locks, Handles, Rubber Buffers, Side Guard Systems etc.


Toolboxes/ Storage Boxes available in various sizes in both Stainless Steel and Plastic. We stock the full Daken range.

Electrical Components

Complete range of Electrical Components for Commercial Vehicles including Marker Lights, Warning Lights, Work Lamps, Switches, Fuses etc..

Hand Tools

Sealey Hand Tools including Socket Sets, Screwdrivers, Spanners etc available to order from our online store.

Hydraulic Filters

Large selection of Hydraulic Filters and Elements available ex-stock.